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Time with Intention is for people who struggle to find their purpose in life

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What is Time With intention?

Time with Intention is a 4 step process which will help you to work through who you are, what you love doing, what your goals are and how to be INTENTIONAL with your time according to your identity, passions and purpose.
You will receive simple ‘how to’s,’ testimonies of how people have changed their life using this method and YOU will take can finally feel confident that your time is not being wasted, but each day is spent with your honest INTENTION.
4 Steps:
1. Know Who You Are
2. Know What you love doing (what are your life passions)
3. Know your purpose (goals for life)
4. Know how you want to spend your time… (being INTENTIONAL with your time – building a schedule around your identity, purpose and passions.)

Reclaim your time!

If you’re anything like me, sometimes you find yourself struggling with knowing what you’re doing in life. With life being busy, it can be so hard to find the space to do the things you love & want to do.

I was desperate to re-organise my goals & time & so I developed a simple method that helped me totally regain my time and live my true identity and purpose. It’s so liberating! After sharing it with many friends, family, colleagues and pupils, I now want to share it with you too.

All you need to do is complete seven steps and you can finally realise your ideal schedule that will match your goals and purpose. Don’t work for time Let time work for you!


Find your identity

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identity and purpose.

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